Structural Engineering and Bridges

The High-coast Bridge (Högakustenbron)

The subject Structural Engineering and Bridges covers planning and design of structures and bridges for new construction and renewal, considering structural capacity, stability, reliability, functionality and durability.


Current Research Fields:

- Advanced dynamic analysis of structures

- Bridges for high-speed trains

- Train-track-bridge and soil-bridge interaction

- Loads and load influence on structures

- Structural health monitoring

- Development and application of advanced numerical method of analysis

- Field monitoring

- LCC & LCA of structures

- Soil-steel composite bridges

- Management, operation, maintenance and repair of bridges

- Productivity development for the construction process of bridges

- New construction materials and methods

- Modern construction techniques


Visiting Address: Brinellvägen 23, Stockholm
Postal Address: Avdelningen för Bro- och stålbyggnad, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Telephone : 08-790 90 84

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