Research at Concrete structures

The division is currently active within the following research fields:

Structural analysis

The behaviour of large concrete structures subjected to extreme loads is studied through finite element modelling and in situ measurements.

Energy absorbing structures

The energy absorbing capabilities of concrete elements and rock bolts are studied. Load cases of interest are explosions, air blasts and impacts.

Protective concrete structures

The properties of concrete structures for e.g. shelters and barriers are studied through numerical modelling and laboratory testing. Load cases of interest are explosions, air blasts, impacts and weapon loads.

Shotcrete and vibrations

The vibration resistance of young and hardened shotcrete on rock is studied through theoretical and numerical modelling and in situ measurements.

Vibration resistance of young concrete

Early age concrete is vulnerable to vibrations. This research aims at establishing reliable guidelines for use in

Shotcrete material behaviour 

The material properties of shotcrete are studied in laboratory and in situ. The properties of sprayed concrete are compared to those for cast concrete.

Concrete material properties

The properties of concrete, cement and aggregates are studied in laboratory. Fibre reinforced concrete are studied with focus on structural performance

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