MSc theses 2018

Publicerad 2018-11-15

Elizaveta Pronina (2018) Evaluation of Real Time Grouting Control Theory Using a Varying Aperture Long Slot- VALS. Download here .

Fredrik Jansson and Nils Nilsson (2018) Buckling of End-Bearing Retaining Walls in Clay. Download here .

Haftom Tesfay (2018) Vibration caused by sheet pile driving – effect of driving equipment.

Hulumtaye Kefyalew (2018) Settlement calculation for lime/cement column improved clay - Analytical and numerical analyses related to a case study. Download here .

Louise Larsson (2018) Slope Stability Evaluation from a Risk Management. Perspective: Case Study: the Slussen project in Stockholm. Download here .

Maximiliam Klaube (2018) Spatial variability of shotcrete thickness. Download here .

Paul Rios Alarcon and Mohammad Areida (2018) Statistical analysis of heavy traffic: Study of the actual scope of traffic loads - based on BWIM-measurements. In Swedish. Download here .

Robabeh Hosseini and Irwing Steven Yalta Gonzales (2018) Application of Dynamic Grouting to Improve the Grout Spread Using Varying Aperture Long Slot (VALS). Download here .

Tobias Nilsson och Sofie Johansson (2018) Kapacitetsuppföljning av genomförd spontdrivning. Download here .

Viktoria Clarin (2018) An approach towards a simplified joint mapping of drill cores. In Swedish. Download here .

Yukun Wei (2018) Slope stability assessment through field monitoring.