MSc theses 2018

Publicerad 2018-11-15

Elizaveta Pronina (2018) Evaluation of Real Time Grouting Control Theory Using a Varying Aperture Long Slot- VALS. Download here.

Fredrik Jansson and Nils Nilsson (2018) Buckling of End-Bearing Retaining Walls in Clay. Download here.

Haftom Tesfay (2018) Vibration caused by sheet pile driving – effect of driving equipment.

Hulumtaye Kefyalew (2018) Settlement calculation for lime/cement column improved clay - Analytical and numerical analyses related to a case study. Download here.

Louise Larsson (2018) Slope Stability Evaluation from a Risk Management. Perspective: Case Study: the Slussen project in Stockholm. Download here.

Maximiliam Klaube (2018) Spatial variability of shotcrete thickness. Download here.

Paul Rios Alarcon and Mohammad Areida (2018) Statistical analysis of heavy traffic: Study of the actual scope of traffic loads - based on BWIM-measurements. In Swedish. Download here.

Robabeh Hosseini and Irwing Steven Yalta Gonzales (2018) Application of Dynamic Grouting to Improve the Grout Spread Using Varying Aperture Long Slot (VALS). Download here.

Tobias Nilsson och Sofie Johansson (2018) Kapacitetsuppföljning av genomförd spontdrivning. Download here.

Viktoria Clarin (2018) An approach towards a simplified joint mapping of drill cores. In Swedish. Download here.

Yukun Wei (2018) Slope stability assessment through field monitoring.

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