Non-contact rolling surface wave measurements

Published Jan 30, 2019

Bjurström, H. and Ryden, N. (2019) Non-contact rolling surface wave measurements on asphalt concrete. Road Materials and Pavement Design 20(2); 334-346 .

Rolling surface wave measurements on a single, thin asphalt concrete (AC) layer are presented to investigate their use in rapid nondestructive field tests. An array of 47 micro-electromechanical sensor (MEMS) microphones is mounted on a trailer together with an automated impact source. Multichannel recordings from single impacts are obtained at 80 equally spaced array positions as the trailer moves at a constant speed. Multiple sets of test results show good repeatability for the assessed shear wave velocity and demonstrate the strong temperature dependency of AC. The presented results indicate a possible application for quality assurance of AC using rolling surface wave measurements.

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