Research Projects

On going Research work:

Integrated research project:

  • Hospital and health related Project

Design of Hospital Operating Room Ventilation using Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Energy efficient low-temperature systems in buildings

Energy efficient low-temperature systems in buildings


  • Better indoor climate and energy conservation in building

Completed PhD work:

Low-temperature Heating in Existing Swedish Residential Buildings: Toward Sustainable Retrofitting – Qian Wang

CFD Analysis in Designing and Modifying Hospital Ventilation – Sasan Sadrizadeh

Low-Temperature Heating and Ventilation for Sustainability in Energy Efficient Buildings – Arefeh Hesaraki

Technical solutions for low-temperature heat emission in buildings – Adnan Ploskic

Potential of Ventilation Radiators: Performance evaluation by numerical, analytical and experimental means – Jonn Are Myhren

Air diffusion and solid contaminant behaviour in room ventilation: a CFD based integrated approach – Gery Einberg

Modelling of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer for the Building Ventilation – Shia-Hui Peng

Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Ventilated Rooms – Yuguo Li

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