The Nordic Steel Construction Conference (NSCC)

Published Sep 23, 2019
John Leander, Oskar Skoglund, Gabriel Sabau and Erik Forsgren

The Nordic Steel Construction Conference (NSCC) was held in Copenhagen mid-September. KTH was represented by Oskar Skoglund and John Leander from the division of Structural Engineering and Bridges. Other Swedish participants were Gabriel Sabau from LTU and Erik Forsgren from SBI, both appearing in the picture, and Professor emeritus Torsten Höglund (not in the picture). The conference circulates between the four Nordic countries but attracts researchers and practitioners working with steel structures from all over the world. Sweden with SBI as responsible will organize the conference 2022.

Oskar presented a paper on the influence of local weld geometry on the fatigue life of a bridge connection. John and Torsten both contributed with presentations in a session on the Eurocode and codification.

Read more about the conference here (external page)

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