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Highway and Railway Engineering research group

Our research group collaborates extensively with industry partners, government agencies, and academic institutions globally to ensure the relevance and impact of our work. By bridging the gap between research and practice, we strive to develop resilient, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation networks that benefit communities and economies worldwide. Our researchers focus on three key perspectives:

1. Materials Perspective:

Projects aim to design, produce, and maintain materials that reduce reliance on fossil resources, predict material behavior under changing climate conditions, and enhance sustainability and performance.

2. Structural Perspective:

Research focuses on designing transportation infrastructure based on mechanistic principles, optimizing designs, predicting behavior, and incorporating circularity in the value chain of infrastructure.

3. Systemic Perspective:

Studies examine the sustainability of transportation infrastructure as a complex system, aligning multiple stakeholders and timelines, and addressing societal and ecological impacts.

Example Projects:

  • Bio-based Composite Material for Sustainable Road Infrastructures
  • Performance Models for Unbound Road Materials
  • Reduction of Road Damages due to Frost Heave
  • Long-term Structural Integrity of Asphalt under Combined Mechanical and Environmental Loading
  • Large scale modelling of railway ballast layers for high speed railways
  • Zero-emissions at the Crosslink Project (Tvärförbindelse)
  • ELISA: Energy-effective Logistics and Infrastructure Systems Assessment for Cargo Ports

Through these initiatives, our research group aims to advance the field of highway and railway engineering, shaping the future of transportation infrastructure for generations to come. We are closely linked to the KTH Road2Science Competence Center and we are part of the TRENoP environment.

Belongs to: Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Last changed: Feb 23, 2024