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Doctoral studies at the department of Civil and architectural engineering

Doctoral students at KTH are employed and earn a monthly salary. Doctoral student positions may also be offered in partnership with industry actors or scholarship cooperations.
Here you can find out more about doctoral studies at the department of Civil and architectural engineering.

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Doctoral programs and subjects

At Civil and architectural engineering, you do research in the topic of Civil and architectural engineering. The focus areas are Concrete Structures, Structural Engineering and Bridges, Building Materials; Sustainable buildings (Building Technology; Building Service and Energy Systems, Fluid and Climate Theory), Soil and Rock Mechanics and Transport Systems.

Interested in Doctoral studies?

Vacant doctoral student positions are announced five times a year:

If you are interested in applying for a doctoral student position, please contact the programme director of Civil and architectural engineering, to profile page  or

programme director for Transport planning, to profil page .

International students

There are no tuition fees for doctoral studies in Sweden. KTH does not offer any scholarships or other financial support to international students.

Prior to decision on admission, Non-Nordic diplomas are evaluated and compared with the corresponding Swedish degree.

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Last changed: Feb 24, 2022