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Sustainable buildings

The Division of Sustainable buildings deals with buildings with a strong focus on user benefit and sustainable performance throughout the building life-cycle.

Our key objective is to provide user-adapted indoor environments designed for comfort, well-being and productivity in different types of buildings such as offices, residential buildings, hospitals, schools as well as other premises and enclosed spaces. The goal is to achieve this in wholesomely sustainable ways, meeting key sustainability requirements including resource/energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, profitability, and social compatibility. We deal with buildings as complex systems where the performance of building envelopes, building services systems including heating/cooling, ventilation, lighting etc., energy systems and other sub-systems need to be optimized for optimal overall performance and user benefit.

In pursuing high performance throughout the building life-cycle from design, construction, and the operational phase, through recycling we work with state-of-the-art, smart simulation and performance management tools including indoor-climate and energy simulation, CFD, advanced building control, monitoring and automation tools, as well as artificial intelligence.

We further deal with buildings as integral parts of urban districts and cities, where the performance of individual buildings needs to be optimized for best overall performance of larger systems - and ultimately, for best benefit to citizens.

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Visiting address: Brinellvägen 23, Stockholm

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KTH, School of ABE/Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Division for Sustainable buildnings
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S-100 44 Stockholm

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Last changed: Feb 10, 2023