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Artificial intelligence in soil and rock engineering

Scanned rock surface

The increased volume of rock engineering, geotechnical, geophysical and ground water data opens the possibilities to apply advanced computer techniques in the form of artificial intelligence; for the evaluation, efficiency and risk management. Artificial intelligence requires that specialists on data analyses and artificial intelligence collaborate with specialists with different competences in projects. Furthermore, the technical management in the projects must understand how the methods can be applied. Tyréns and KTH have started the work to apply artificial methods in a number of pilot projects, e.g. Tvärförbindelse Södertörn and Ostlänken. In current projects, the acquired information from coring’s, groundwater pipes, soundings, samplings and geophysical data are stored in databases. Rock and groundwater levels and the soil layers are evaluated in (3D) GIS models. Different AI methods are studied and developed and we develop high-resolution models.

Representatives: Stefan Larsson , Fredrik Johansson , Johan Spross

Belongs to: Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Last changed: Feb 25, 2022