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Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Research and education focused on sustainable buildings and infrastructure engineering

We turn science into engineering

The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering delivers engineering research and education focusing on buildings and infrastructure engineering.

The department belongs to the School of Architecture and the Built Environment .


Competence center

Complex motorway traffic.

Centre for Traffic Research (CTR)

The Centre for Traffic Research (CTR) is a Swedish competence centre that initiates, coordinates and conducts research and development in modeling and analysis of traffic processes.

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A smart road also means an increase in functions and services that are provided and/or depend on the road. Payment services, information handling, road access control, road investments, technology procurement, legal responsibilities, maintenance models and modal versus systemic handling of the road all are an integrated part of the smart road.


Road2Science (R2S) is a Competence Center at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm that, together with its industry partners, aims to bridge the gaps between academia and industry in the field of transportation infrastructure.

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Belongs to: Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Last changed: May 22, 2023