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News at the department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

  • Former PhD student awarded the Best Paper 2023

    Published Dec 05, 2023
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  • "We Swedes need to get our house in order"

    Flooded car park with parked cars.
    Floods in Sweden are causing more and more damage. The picture shows an incident in Hallsberg in August this year (Photo: Mostphotos).
    Published Nov 10, 2023

    Embankments and motorways collapse. Damage from extreme weather events is getting worse while knowledge of how to protect ourselves from them is lagging behind. Johan Silfwerbrand, professor in concre...

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  • Industry night with former PhDs

    Published Jun 08, 2023
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  • Seminar - Sensor based assessment of structural condition and safety

    Published May 12, 2023

    We will present ongoing projects in the area and get insights into "what’s going on". Discuss how the industry can together implement results from ongoing projects. Discuss ideas and future needs for ...

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  • Erik Jenelius new vice director of KTH Transport Platform

    Published Dec 12, 2022

    In December 2022, Erik Jenelius/ABE school assumed his position as deputy director of KTH Transport Platform.

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  • “Driverless vehicles of the future could have an adverse impact on human health”

    Walking people and bicycles in city street
    “As a society, we need to think about how we actually want to use autonomous technology. We can’t ban motor traffic, it does have a place after all. But pedestrian and cycle traffic has one too, and it has positive side effects,” says KTH researcher Erik Almlöf.
    Published Nov 09, 2022

    If autonomous vehicles become commonplace on our roads in the future, fewer people will walk or cycle while emissions will increase, according to a new research study. “More people will take the car ...

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  • Telford Premium award till Carl Wersäll

    Published Oct 20, 2022
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  • He is planning a new student competition about self-sufficiency

    Foto: Pixabay / Pexels
    Published Mar 18, 2021

    Zeev Bohbot is a teacher and Programme Director for the Degree Programme in Constructional Engineering and Design and the Degree Programme in Construction Management. He has worked at KTH since 2009 a...

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  • The School of Architecture the Built Environment rises in QS Subject Rankings 2021

    Published Mar 03, 2021

    In the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, KTH and the School of Architecture and the Built Environment have once again placed high in several subject areas. Architecture / Built environme...

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  • Article awarded RILEM's Outstanding Paper award

    Published Feb 03, 2021

    The article "Vibration-induced aggregate segregation in asphalt mixtures. Mater Struct (2020) 53:27" by Feng Chen, Denis Jelagin & Manfred N. Partl has been awarded an Outstanding Paper award by journ...

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  • Several of the school's researchers amongst top 2% in the world according to new citation ranking

    Böcker i en bokhylla
    Foto: Pixabay / Pexels
    Published Dec 10, 2020

    Fourteen researchers from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment have been ranked amongst the world's top 2% in a new article from Stanford University, published in the journal PLoS Biol...

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  • Bacteria in the air visualised in hospitals

    Published Mar 16, 2020

    KTH researchers are now using virtual reality (VR) to visualise bacteria in the air. “We visualise particle movement in indoor air and pollutants in operating rooms via so-called supercomputer simula...

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  • Exhibition with timber bridge models

    Photo: Helena Tirri Stålbo
    Published Jan 28, 2020
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  • Creepy Christmas

    Published Oct 30, 2019

    This year Road2Science will reintroduce its annual competition "Creepy Christmas" where we make a Christmas tree of asphalt and let people guess how much it will deform before we have our Open House (...

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  • Growing concern for the sustainability of Swedish bridges

    Published Oct 03, 2019

    After the recent bridge collapse in Taiwan, there are concerns that similar incidents will happen in Sweden.

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  • The Nordic Steel Construction Conference (NSCC)

    Published Sep 23, 2019
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  • How much strain can the bridges take?

    Published Oct 24, 2018
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  • Students at KTH Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering win wood award

    Published Oct 11, 2018
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  • New research project in Soil and Rock Mechanics

    Published Nov 10, 2017
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  • KTH Soil and Rock Mechanics discusses the revision of Eurocode 7

    Published Oct 17, 2017
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