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Soil and Rock Mechanics

Geotechnical engineering covers technical properties of soils and rocks as well as construction methods for civil engineering structures on soil and rock materials, i.e. the principles of how to utilize soil and rock materials in civil engineering works. The subject soil and rock mechanics is the theoretical and applied of science of the mechanical behavior of soils and rocks and their application.

Staff at the division of Soil and Rock Mechanics
The Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics

The Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics carries out research and provide education on bachelor, master, and Ph.D. level. Our research is carried out in close connection with the Swedish construction industry, which funds a substantial part of our research. Other major funders include the Swedish research council Formas and the Swedish Transport Administration.

If you are interested in joining our division as a Ph.D. student, please apply to a vacant Ph.D. student position on KTH’s website for vacancies: Work at KTH/Ph.D. student employments . We can unfortunately not consider applications sent directly to the division; all positions must be publicly advertised and applied for in competition with others.

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Visiting address: Brinellvägen 23
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KTH, School of ABE/Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics
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Phone: +46 8 790 80 49 

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